Recent lecture on Eucharist and Agriculture

Hello!  As I noted in my previous blog post, I have been up to my eyeballs with farm work and preparing and delivering a number of lectures, such that I haven’t had much time to devote to this blog.  Again, I’m sorry for the hiatus, which I think is just about at an end.  In the meantime, I wanted to share with any interested readers a digital recording made of a recent presentation I gave at the 2011 annual conference of the Notre Dame Center for Liturgy (  It’s entitled “Fruit of the Earth, Work of Human Hands: The Eucharist, Agriculture, and Ecological Responsibility.”  You listen to it by going to the publisher’s webpage for my recent book, A Time to Plant, and clicking on the “Extras” tab.  Under Audio, you’ll find there a variety of mp3 audio pieces; the last one on the list is the lecture I gave at Notre Dame.  Here’s the link:

Again, thanks for your patience with the blog posts.  I’m ruminating on one now and should post it fairly soon.


About ktkramer

Kyle T. Kramer founded and lives with his wife Cyndi and their three young children on Genesis Organic Farm, in his native southern Indiana, in a solar- and wind-powered home he designed and built himself. Kyle is also the director of graduate lay degree programs and spiritual formation for Saint Meinrad, a Benedictine monastery and school of theology. He serves as a Climate Ambassador for the Catholic Coalition on Climate Change. Kyle is a regular columnist for America magazine, and he is the author of A Time to Plant: Life Lessons in Work, Prayer, and Dirt (Ave Maria Press, 2010). Kyle's writing and talks mainly concern the intersection of simple living, ecology and Christian spirituality.
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  2. Hi Kyle,
    I am the director of John XXIII Retreat Center in Hartford City, IN. I am looking for a presenter for a Farmer’s Retreat and their wives. I thought perhaps January would be a good time. Would you be available or interested in doing that you? If you could call or e-mail me soon, I would appreciate that.

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